Sunday, March 18, 2012


This blog is so sad and lonely. My creatures and I cry when we look at it because it is so plain. Where are the creatures I so love to make and display and sell? Why is this so hard?

Can a more experienced blogger please help me give my work the home it deserves? Not House Beautiful; just not plain beige either. I don't even like beige!

Sometimes I hate the internetz and this has been a very very very very very bad day! Sorry. Probably I am literally talking to myself here. So why am I apologizing to myself? Why is life so confusing? Where is the TARDIS?


  1. Thanks you're sweet. My husband and daughter are taking today and tomorrow as "Daddy Daughter' days to the tune of a Lot of Money. I don't think that illness deserves a monetary reward, and now neither does Dave, but he's already given his word and taking back your word is a parenting no-no. Hey, originally she asked to go to Harry Potter World!

    Anyhow I can probably figure out how to make this pretty on my own I just wanted to be lazy and have it all spelled out for me by esty.

    Did you know you are a very nice peson? ;) Must run in the last name.


  2. p.s. Stacey I can't figure out how to comment on your post to me, probably because I haven't yet upgraded to Google +1 till I figure out Google -1, so I guess I am Not Important Enough. Oh well.

  3. Jill, you'll get there. :-)

    I've changed my blog background a couple of times as I learn more about Blogger.

  4. Yeah, you have a blog!! Can't wait to read the funny stories!

  5. Even on ugly beige?

    My first one, oddly enough, will be about toilets. Although in general it is an Etsy-ish thing. Bet you never knew toilets could be be bane of your existence for almost 20 years.

    This is so embarrassing but what is your etsy name? I mix up my own cats' names sometimes and I can't for the life of me connect Linda with an Etsy person. Please don't take offense. Ask anyone. I'm always like this.

    Take good care and thanks for replying,
    No, wait, Janeanne
    Wait for it - Got it! - Jill!!!